Customer Analytics

Hiflylabs combines its extensive CRM domain knowledge with predictive analytics and network analytics to give answers to its clients that are vital to their businesses. To stay ahead of the competition, grow customer numbers, reduce costs and discover risks in time, it is critical for companies to be able to have the foresight and act proactively.


Predictive analytics

Enterprises continuously try to stay ahead of their competition and try to find answers to future questions in data from the past that might give them a competitive edge. On which customers should they focus? Which customers are going to churn and leave their clientele? What are the products their customers are most likely to buy the next time? Hiflylabs helps its clients to answer these questions with predictive analytics, and allows them to make smarter decisions, better shape their strategies, improve business performance, and stay ahead in their business.

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Customer value analysis

The ability to identify those customers who could bring the most value to the company, and which customers they should focus on, is vital to all businesses. Hiflylabs helps its clients with this analysis and tells how valuable a given customer will be for the company in the future.

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customer segmentation

For most enterprises, segmenting their customers into different groups is vital so they can target them better, and offer them products or services that are most suitable to the customer's needs, and which they are most likely to purchase. Hiflylabs succeeded in identifying these segments for its clients, and as a result, these clients can serve their customers at a lower cost, and offer them customized products or services.

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customer network analysis

For a business, it is essential to know, how customers connect to other customers. The association between them can point to commonalities among the customers, identify consumer influencers or followers, but can also direct attention to suspicious activities and fraudulent behavior. Hiflylabs has a history of successful projects with network analysis to discover these connections, and leverage this information, so they can target influencer customers better, or point out fraudulent activities.