Data Warehouse

The foundation of successful Business Intelligence

How can you change your vast mass of raw data into useful information? Although data warehouses might look old-fashioned, and not-so-fancy today, they still exist and are in use in the background.


The data warehouse's basic requirements have not changed over time. The primary purpose of a data warehouse is to gather, integrate, consolidate a company’s data and to record changes to this data over time. Data assets can originate from various sources: CRM, accounting, stockholding systems, transactional systems or even from social media. By consolidating data, the concepts of different business fields can be transformed into a common business language, allowing users of these different areas to have the same understanding of these concepts. The recording of changes over time is also important, as experience from the past can lead to useful conclusions for the future.

Hiflylabs has more than a decade of experience developing data warehouses based on various technologies. When considering the business needs and the available data sources, we strive for the most cost-effective data warehouse solution for our customers. That’s how a data warehouse becomes a stable background for your business intelligence purposes, including analytics, dashboards, and reports.