About us

At the beginning we were a group of data enthusiasts pioneering what is now known as data science, analytics and data engineering in Hungary.

What started as a collective of like-minded friends, who all saw major potential in mining for gold in data and we have – in around 20 years – turned into a much larger diverse group of people (over 170 and counting) with a variety of backgrounds, who know that no business today can thrive without building on their data. 



Data driven projects




This is who we are.


Our culture is the fundamental driving force of creating a working environment we love. We believe in trust, transparency and comradery.

We grow together

Being part of Hiflylabs means taking part in a journey seeking both personal and company-wide growth.

Our people matter

We are convinced that creating the best possible conditions for our people empowers them to achieve their full potential.

We are committed.

Operational excellence

Our basic principle is to constantly push our boundaries to best serve our Clients.

Focus on business understanding

We strive to best understand business needs in order to provide the most tailored experience for our Clients.

Interconnected talent

We have an industry leading talent pool in various service lines which are connected to each other, thus being built to tackle the most challenging problems.

Our Board

Zsolt Virág

Co-Founder, President of the Board

Márton Zimmer


Bulcsú Fajszi


Tamás Fehér


Gergely Kocsis

D/CEO Hiflylabs Group, CEO Hiflylabs Ltd.

Szabolcs Biró


Our team

What we do.

Our customers reach out to us in 3 different areas.

Data Services

“Help us understand our data better and make our business' growth sustainable.”

Appic by Hiflylabs

“Help us create mobile applications that our customers will love.”

Culture & people: the guarantees for impact

What guarantees the best possible outcome for a Hiflylabs' project & for you? It's the culture we nurture turbo-charged with our mentoring-system. From the very beginning, we've been focused on creating an environment where people can thrive.

In order to achieve that our driving goals in shaping our workplace are and have been:

A community we all enjoy belonging to

A workplace that keeps
colleagues challenged

A company which also
achieves business success

The backbone of our people-system are these three guiding principles, reinforced with our internal mentoring program which makes sure people feel great, learn fast and share knowledge & expertise. Learn about our mentoring-system and check out open jobs.

We love what we do.

We love it so much, that we've written three books and a dozen articles on the topic. When we started the data analytics and data-science game, it was still called data mining. We took a head-first, deep-dive and haven't looked back since.

Üzleti tudás az adatok mélyén
Üzleti haszon az adatok mélyén
Business value in an ocean of data

We work around the world.

Find us here.

15/B Bartók Béla street
1114 Budapest, HUNGARY

20 - 22 Wenlock Road
London, N1 7GU

We want to work with you.

Hiflylabs is your partner in building your future. Share your ideas and let's work together!